The Art and Science of Raising Frequency
Raising frequency is an art.

Because you are creating it.


YOU are the artist of your life.
It’s YOU who creates the actions that raises (or lowers) your frequency.
It’s you who creates the result.
Raising frequency is a science.

Raising frequency can be seen in your brainwaves.

Specifically, in your gamma brainwaves.

I’ve been regularly recording my brainwaves since May 2020, and what has emerged over hundreds of sessions is as clear as day: By raising our gamma brainwaves we expand our consciousness. We begin to see more, and we begin to BE more.

Raising our gamma brainwaves is like flicking on the light switch.

Artist credit: Samuel Farrand

I can show you how to raise your frequency - and why.

I’m fascinated with raising frequency and expanding consciousness because I experienced a drastic transformation in myself from doing so. Not a peep of exaggeration. I’m a redesigned person. In fact, I’m transforming myself constantly.

Raising my frequency was key to deactivating decades-old, deep-rooted trauma, serious emotional dysfunction, mental health damage and addiction. The whopping kind, that completely wrecks your life.
Raising our frequency frees us from suffering.

It creates new ways of living on earth that honours ALL life, because it dissolves the biggest lie there is: the illusion of separation.
But it goes way further than that.

Raising our frequency activates new traits, new abilities and it activates higher levels of consciousness that as a species, I believe we’re about to step into.
As I experiment on myself, I can see patterns emerge that are not merely coincidences. As I answer some questions, I always come up with more. The frequency-raising game is so paradoxically complex, yet when you pare it right back it’s bloody simple: when we remove the layers of programs and belief systems that suppress our frequency? There we are.
What you’ll find here on my website:
I’ve created a list of Actions that Raise and Lower Frequency. This is what my list looks like. With a little dedication and self-observation, you’ll be able to come up with your own list. These are your keys.
Out of all the things on my list, I get my biggest frequency shifts from a practice of mindful drawing, which is an exercise in focus, attention and creation (I call it a ‘creation meditation’). You can check out what it is, and how to do it yourself here.

I’ve written The Blueprint – which are instructions for switching low frequency actions for higher frequency actions (otherwise known as CHANGE).

I talk about gamma brainwaves and frequency a lot. I regularly record my own brainwaves, and I track how I’m changing them over time. I also talk about what other people say about gamma brainwaves in relation to raising frequency and consciousness expansion. It turns out I’m not the only one noticing there’s something very interesting going on…

And I write about topics that light my soul on FIRE.
My website has just been launched (in late 2022), so the blog section is a little sparse right now. But it won’t be for long.

I’m ultra-passionate about dissolving cultural systems that we’re programmed with here on Earth – because these programs keep us locked in low frequency.

I thrive on this work.
I’ll be writing about ALL the things that raise and lower frequency (from fear to food), as well as what I experienced for the first 40 years of my life – I am a real-person example of how low frequency programs control your life, mess you up, and hurt like hell. I’ll write about how to delete the behaviours and beliefs that limit us (they’re NOT YOU – they’re just programs), I’ll talk about shadow work, self-healing, activating dormant abilities, grounding frequency shifts, the power of community, the sacred space of solitude (and how to connect with it), energy work, nature, intuition and our emotions…All of my favourite subjects.
Emotions are a big golden key
to raising frequency.

(or on the flip side, lowering it…)
But my biggest interest is creation.
Reprogramming ourselves that WE ARE POWERFUL CREATORS (because someone forgot to teach us that bit…)…


But most of us create our lives and realities from our subconscious programs – and we don’t even know we’re doing it. When we delete these low frequency, limiting programs, we can learn to consciously create. Now this is where things get interesting.
This is where we can create ourselves,
and our world.
Humanity has so much potential that we’re not even close to using.
We have the ability (although most of us don’t know it).
We are ready for an evolution in consciousness.
Image credit: @raminnazer

What you won't find on my website:

I don’t write about religion.
I don’t write about politics.
I don’t write about new age trends and I don’t even use the word ‘spiritual’ too often – although many of the subjects I talk about do fall under this category.
I don’t pretend to know anything other than what I’ve learned from my own direct experience.
I’m not here to sell you anything.
I also don’t dive into the subject of WHY we are kept in low frequency on earth.
This subject is big, it’s complex, and it does not belong on my website at this point in time. Too much too soon just cannot be digested. Suffice to say it’s no accident that humanity exists in a world where we are locked in low frequency. It has a purpose, and this purpose does not serve us. (Paradoxical sidenote: from the zoomed-out, higher perspective ‘big picture’, it actually does serve us – because this suffering is the catalyst for our activation. It’s pushing us hard to create change).
Why would we bother raising frequency? Do we really need it?
Is our Earth system working for us? Take a look at the scoreboard:

We can see the results in our growing mental health crisis, suicide, addiction, crime, violence, war, illness and disease and poverty. All of this suffering, is increasing. And all of it, does NOT need to exist.

I’ve been directly affected by SEVEN OF EIGHT of these intimately. I’ll spend the rest of my Earth days dismantling the programs that create this low frequency suffering. It’s my hobby. Nothing excites me more than this work.
By raising frequency, the old way loses its power.
That’s what I’m interested in.
Creating the new.
Dissolving EVERYTHING that does not have our best interests at heart.
“You never change things by fighting existing reality.
To change something, build a new model, that makes the old model obsolete.”
~ Buckminster Fuller ~
Behind the beliefs that create our reality, ALL potential exists.

Unity consciousness exists. To experience Oneness with all living things is THE most beautiful high that exists (and trust me I’ve looked). It is so full of Love that there are no words to adequately describe it. Behind the programs we are taught as ‘Earth culture’, wholeness, compassion and mental wellbeing exists.


The rest? The suffering, the fear, the disharmony, the separation between all living things and this increasing mental health damage?

They are programs that do not serve us one bit.
And programs can be deleted.
By expanding our consciousness, we heal ourselves.
When we heal ourselves, we heal our world.
Image credit: @raminnazer
How do you create the ‘future’ that you prefer?
You tune it with your frequency.

This is YOUR Game

YOU are your own hero. It’s always been you.
You have the COMPLETE ability to change your world.
What kind of a world do you want to live in?

How many super-abilities will you activate?

How many levels of consciousness do you want to climb?

What tools will you collect for your inventory?
Are you keen to power up all the way to freedom, or hang out in low vibration Shit Town where suffering’s the name of the game?
There are clues, signs and activations EVERYWHERE (but first you must tune your sight to see).
Your life force (frequency) is increased or decreased by every choice you make.
There are traps and distractions everywhere (keep them distracted AT ALL COSTS).
The aim of the game is to raise our frequency.
This is how we activate new traits, access new levels and dissolve the illusion of separation.
We expand our consciousness and evolve our species.
We create new ways of living on Earth that honours all life, and the old way loses its power.
This is how we RISE.
The real revolution, is the evolution of consciousness.
Ready to play?
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