The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Our ‘reality’ is made up of layers and layers of separate creations

As I was drawing my inner voice said, “Can you see yourself creating?”

So I looked a little closer. And indeed I could see.

I could see myself draw a tiny circle (which is what I was doing). And I kept watching as I was drawing.

One second there’s nothing there. The next second I draw something into creation. Now it exists, where as before, it did not exist. There was just nothing. The nothingness of blank paper. The void.

“Big deal,” one might think. It’s just a tiny circle.

But then peer closer. This tiny circle is one of hundreds – thousands even, on my paper. Now throw in some patterns, colours, a couple of mistakes and it makes up a complete picture. All art is made like this. Even the Mona Lisa was created like this. From the first splotch of seemingly insignificant paint on the canvas, layer by layer, it becomes something beautiful, something real.

Then I saw the pen I was drawing with, was another creation.
Created out of nothing but an idea. Before it was made, it didn’t exist. Now with this pen I can draw my own creations.

Then I saw the chair I was sitting on also did not exist before someone thought it up and created it. Before then, there was no chair.

Then I saw the house I was drawing in, was another example of creative magic. Not too long ago, it didn’t exist – there was nothing here but a paddock. Decades before that, this area of Melbourne near the Mornington Pennisula was swampland. Go back a heap of separate creations and right now, I’d be sitting in a swamp. No chair. No pen in my hand, no table, no drawing. No layers of creation enabling me to experience this reality right now.

All these separate things were created from absolutely NOTHING but intention (that is, someone wanted to make it) and action. Bam. Now it’s real. Now it exists.

Then I saw a different creation: My perspective.

I watched as I made a mistake, and I felt the liberation flow through me as my now hard-wired perspective said, “FUCK IT!”. To feel joy and liberation at being free of the old program that would put myself down, using low frequency language like, “I should have done better”. “It’s not good enough.” “It looks like shit”, or “WHY AM I SO MUTHERFUCKING USELESS!” Okay…I’m going a bit far there, but this flavour of negative self-talk is a very common program.

I’ve even changed the program around what ‘mistake’ means to me.

Now I see it as an OPPORTUNITY to make something out of it that I hadn’t planned on. To take it in a new direction – which very often turns out better than I’d originally planned. In this age of AI Art, creative ‘mistakes’ are essential markers of our human-ness. My mistakes are an integral part of my art, they are perfectly imperfect imprints of me. Plus, I draw in pen…I can’t erase it so I might as well embrace it!

The lens through which I experience my reality is a creation. So is yours. I created this lens which interprets my reality to be one of heaven. I also created the hellish lens I used to experience life through, also coming from my consciousness.

They were simply ‘tuned’ differently in frequency. One was tuned high in vibration, one was low.

But the old, hellish lens originated from UNCONSCIOUS creation. I had no awareness I was even creating it, but I was. We are ALWAYS creating, whether we’re aware of it or not – we just get to create FAR better things, when we’re aware that we can consciously create.

The state of the world right now is a creation.

The state of the world right now is a complex, multilayered, largely unconscious creation by the collective – a low frequency creation rife with suffering, catalysed by the system we live in. We need to create a better way of existing (sooner rather than later), and we will. We must. Or we will create a path to somewhere we’d really rather not be. Either way it’s our creation.

The world we wish to live in, is also going to be a creation.

One that we consciously create. Once we clear out our unconscious programs, we find we can now reach the top shelf stuff. Now it becomes accessible. I’m a huge fan of the top shelf – it’s where ALL THE BEST STUFF exists. Then we set fire to the bottom shelf and burn it to the ground. We create beautiful things from the ashes, and we find that seeds were buried there, which now begin to grow.


When we raise our frequency, we remember how. This is how we will create every little detail of our new world – layer by layer, with strong intention and purpose. We’re not there yet, but we’re close.

We will consciously create not only the physical ‘reality’, but the mental, emotional and the spiritual. We create new beliefs and a strong, united community. We create the path to health. We create the solutions and the behaviours that WORK for us. We create the technological advancements that benefits us, rather than harm us. We discard everything that does not serve our highest good.

We remember that by raising our frequency and first creating ourselves, we automatically create our world – because it is a direct reflection of us. And this is how we create heaven on earth.


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