The Art and Science of Raising Frequency
Create a future without illness and disease

We can create a future without illness and disease

Until we begin living from a high frequency state of being, we’re in a bit of a pickle here on Earth, because we’re being poisoned – and we don’t even know it.

Yes, I’m aware this sounds bizarre and paranoid – like a plot to a bad movie – but unfortunately, it’s real. The evidence is everywhere we look.

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, dementia and mental health issues – are all on the increase.

Now, these are not tiny trends upwards. They are massive swings globally. I encourage you to do your own research if you want the cold hard stats. Ask Google “is _______ increasing globally”, or if ChatGPT is more your thing, put it to work – ask it. Ping the alarm bells. Here are a few more:

Reference link is at the end of this article.
Now, these whopping increases are NOT normal or natural.
We are creating it with our actions.

But until we BECOME AWARE, we don’t even know we’re creating it – it’s more of that sneaky old unconscious creation.

There are toxins and poisons everywhere in our society, but the tricky part is, they’re completely normalised in our day to day existence. They’re often hidden and labelled ‘safe’, and we’re so used to them, that we don’t realise we’re poisoning ourselves and reducing our life expectancy.

In this post I aim to highlight how this shit is everywhere – so that you can make a choice to immerse yourself in it less and less as time goes on.

Never trust an industry who’s main goal is trying to sell you something. Never trust an industry that profits from your sickness – not your health. Never trust a system that does not have your best interests at heart. Aim to develop your critical thinking skills as well as your intuition, and draw your own conclusions.
Before awareness? We can’t even see it. We have no idea. It’s just ‘normal life’. After awareness? It becomes SO OBVIOUS, you wonder how the hell you didn’t see it before.

No matter which way you look at it, it’s pretty clear we’re in the midst of an epidemic of ill health and disease. It’s not hard to pinpoint the reasons why.

There are two main reasons:

1. Our environment/culture;

 2. Suppressing low-frequency emotions (for a long period of time).

Just as humanity has increased almost every disease – both physical and mental – I believe we can drastically reduce it again within years and decades, and eradicate it completely within a couple of generations. Sure we’ll all be long-dead but it doesn’t make me any less keen to strive for this. Your children and grandchildren will be here. This will be their world. Plus we’ll see the benefits while we’re still alive – I’ve dramatically improved my own health in a few short years – the benefits will start as soon as we start them.

Now, before I get stuck into the reasons WHY we’re so sick, I’m going to explain why I’m so passionate about this. Just like addiction, suicide and mental health damage which have directly affected my own life, so has chronic disease. It hits very close to home.

I know how hard it is to be healthy. I was a person with very little self-care for decades. If I wasn’t handed the awful gift of rock bottom that opened my eyes? With my lifestyle I’d be guaranteed to have my later years affected by chronic illness. Why wouldn’t it be? I was 100% creating it.

My grandma on my Dad’s side also had chronic illness. She had diabetes, and ended up in a wheelchair and went blind. All the while she kept eating the lollies and sugars that were killing her. I remember they mentioned this at her funeral, like it was a cute story. Sure we all laughed at the time. It’s not cute or funny now.

My grandma on my Mum’s side, same deal. She died in her late 60’s or early 70s (I’m not really sure to be honest), and again, had diabetes, lost her eyesight, lost her toes and lived from around 60 years onward, in a life of chronic pain.

And then there’s my own Mum. Recently diagnosed with serious arthritis in her knee – created from ignoring the warning signs that have been getting louder for years. Now, she’s often in great pain which is stealing her quality of life. All of this, was preventable.

If you don't take the time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness.

My Mum has also been battling incurable blood cancer for years. I’ve had a front row seat to this whole bloody awful experience. It makes me mad to see her go through this. I’m even madder that WE ARE CREATING THIS as a species because most of disease, is preventable.

Aside from physically not looking after ourselves, I believe that many serious illnesses, including my Mum’s cancer, are created from not looking after ourselves emotionally. For decades my Mum has held onto deep levels of shame, guilt and regret that she’s suppressed since she was a teenager.

If you hold onto toxic programs of low self-worth and if you don’t do the work to clear it? It eventually creates dis-ease – which is being out of alignment with your energetic harmony.
You’re not able to practice the self-care needed to have a long and healthy life, if you do not have self-love. Even if you WANT to look after yourself, it’ll be very hard to maintain, because the physical actions completely conflict with the subconscious belief program. It’s like expecting a computer to churn out different results to the program you’re running.

I know this, because again, I did it. I know this behaviour very well.

I’ll be writing a separate post on what shadow work has to do with illness and disease soon. But in nutshell, if we don’t do our energetic house-cleaning (shadow work) like 90% of the general population? If we hold onto low-frequency emotions for years and decades and this energy is suppressed and cannot move through you? Either consciously, or unconsciously (with, or without awareness), it can and will, make us sick.

Emotion =
'energy in motion'.

The other main reason we’re making ourselves chronically ill, is due to our environment and the foods we eat.

We’re swinging open the door to chronic illness through our food – the preservatives in our food, the fake colouring. And ‘delicious addictive’ sugars – which is really the CRACK COCAINE OF THE FOOD WORLD. It’s also a massive contributor to ill health.

We’re being poisoned by the pesticides sprayed on our foods. Sure it kills the insects, but give it a decade or three of consistent ingestion, and do you really believe these toxins will have absolutely NO effect on us?

The food you eat can be the safest, most powerful medicine, or the slowest form of poison.

We spray chemicals in our house to kill flies or to make it smell ‘fresh’, we spray them on our bodies to deter mosquitoes. We spray chemicals on our hair, we spray them on our bodies to smell nice. That ‘new smell’ on our carpets and couches (that I actually used to really like…) Well guess what?  That smell, is chemicals.

Our clothing is made of modern-day fabrics like polyester, rayon, nylon, spandex and elastine – all these comfy, stretchy fabrics make our athletic gear, or that make our winter jumpers and blankets cosy? They’re made out of oil, petroleum and plastic. We then wear them directly on our body’s largest organ – our skin – where we absorb these chemicals into our body.

When you look past the advertising and see the reality of it? It disgusts and horrifies me to be  honest. It’s filthy, toxic and gross.

Hang on a minute! But it’s safe they say!

I’m just gonna pop your consumer trust-bubble here. We really should not blindly believe what companies and government organisations with VESTED INTERESTS say is safe or not, and use our own critical thinking, as well as good old intuitive wisdom. Often, they’re flat out lying. Not all companies, some don’t know the effects of repeated exposure. We find out these things later.

But DO NOT trust THEIR WORDS when they’re selling you something. Do not believe your government’s food and health safety advice (they’re doing a shit job at managing health btw). Do not believe the product’s label trying to sell you something – even if it says it’s healthy etc. Do not believe the television commercial. Educate yourself on green-washing.
Sure it’s safe eaten, worn or breathed once? How about 1000 times? Over decades?

What about EMFs from our electrical devices of which, we are in a literal soup? What about the bluetooth earphones worn for hours a mere 10cm from our brains, or having our wifi routers too close to us?

What about the warnings that our mobile phones should never actually be used against our heads which kind of sucks because we SPEAK TO PEOPLE THROUGH IT. Or the fact we should not be keeping it on our bedside table when we sleep. What about men who keep their mobile phones in their pockets near their testicles, which HOUSE LITTLE FUTURE BABIES. Does this have any correlation to why sperm counts are declining?

What about tampons which are bleached, worn INSIDE OF US. I did this every month, for decades and it never even occurred to me how freakishly toxic this now sounds, because it was ALL NORMAL.

It’s what you do on a consistent basis that makes the most impact.

We apply antiperspirants and deodorant to our underarms, which absorbs into our skin right next to lymph nodes and breasts. We apply these chemicals tens of thousands of times in a 10 year period.  Why is breast cancer through the roof? 

Many of our modern medicines have dire side effects. Talcum powder was thought of as safe until recently, now there are alarm bells pinging and lawsuit slinging. It’s ALL SAFE. Until they tell you “whoops, my bad” – it’s not.

How about genetically modified crops – messing with the genetic structure of the foods that nourish us? If you eat meat, you’re also eating the antibiotics, medications, diseases as well as the fear and distress of these animals. (If this upsets you, there’s a reason you’re being triggered.)

Our local parks and food farms are sprayed with roundup and pesticides. We put weedkiller on our lawns, and our dogs and kids then play on the lawn, with direct skin contact to the grass.

The non-stick coatings on our cooking pans and sandwich presses are not benign to our long-term health. Many of the chemicals that aren’t classified as carcinogens yet, will be. Many that are known carcinogens today, were at one point widely used in our consumer products.

Anyway I could go on and on. But I’m sick of typing and I’m sure you get my point. We’re in a fucking soup down here. It’s everywhere. Life on earth in a ‘developed’ society means there are chemicals everywhere, constantly.

At this point you may be horrified, frightened, overwhelmed or pissed off. Many people simply do not want to know. People often find it easier to remain with their head in the sand, because then they don’t have to change.

So what do you do about it? Well firstly, you have free will to do whatever you want really. You don’t have to do anything.

But if you want to? Become a rebel. Educate yourself. Become aware.

When you’re ready, start making changes in BABY STEPS. Big changes can often fail because the the leap is too big, and change can be bloody hard in the beginning…it gets easier!

Start reading labels in the supermarkets. Look up the ingredients. Learn what’s going into your body. There’s a free smartphone app called Yuka – where you scan a product’s barcode, it tells you what’s in it (disclaimer: I just found out about this and haven’t tried it yet).

Start phasing out junk food. Eat less fast food. Switch to healthier versions of your favorite processed foods. This is how I did it: One tiny change at a time. As one change stuck, I gradually included another change – like using brown sugar instead of white, cutting down on processed foods, drinking spring water instead of tap water, ditching my microwave completely, storing my food in glass instead of plastic containers and or throwing out ALL the chemicals in my home – from toothpaste to detergents.

These days, healthy living is my normal – it stops being hard once it becomes a new habit. It becomes automatic behaviour.

Switch to Wholefoods. Go natural. Go organic. Grow your own. Cook more. Start removing chemical in your home. Read the labels. Research ingredients. BOYCOTT companies completely.

Teach yourself. Teach your kids. Teach anyone who wants to learn – you can teach others, through your example.

Do your best (what is within your control) and let go of the rest. There’s a lot that we can’t control right now (like what’s sprayed in our public parks, or in the air). Don’t even worry about the things you have no control over (this takes practice – I can show you a method to program this principle into your subconscious as an automatic behaviour here).

For those things that you cannot control? Surrender and say, “FUCK IT!” Seriously – or the worry will make you anxious, and that low frequency state of being will eventually make you sick.

Let go of what you have no control over.
Work with what is within your control.

At some point if and when you’re ready? Connect with like-minded people and unite in small communities. If you can, put your money together and buy a plot of land to grow your own food. Or perhaps, plant up nature strips and front yards, or rent a big house for like-minded people to live together. If you don’t know any like-minded people, post a ‘looking to create share house’ ad in the paper or online – call your tribe! It does not matter if you’re in your 60s! PS I did this years ago, it works.

Create your own community with shared basic values, that is supportive through birth, death, sickness, health, laughter, grief, joy, cooking, creating, music, art, disagreeing – learning together to honour our emotions and to cultivate empathy and authenticity in supportive healing spaces. 

Connect with people who seek new, deeply rewarding ways of living. People who are sick of the way our current culture creates suffering, rather than communities that are thriving.


We will create a new way.

Create communities that flourish and grow. Smaller communities connect with one another and  together we create REAL health and new solutions. We prioritize the basics like getting a good night’s sleep, sunshine on our skin, fresh air, good food, pure water, connecting with mother Earth, honouring our emotions and unplugging from our devices when we need to. We become conscious of what we consume.

And just as we have increased disease, we decrease it until it is no longer existing. This actually NATURALLY HAPPENS with no effort, once we remove what is making us sick.

We don’t need to treat disease. We just need to create health. When you create health, disease goes away. It really is that simple.

In its place we create longer lifespans. Radiant health. No disease – our emotions are clear, and we understand what happens if they are not. We take our emotional health very seriously indeed –  something most of us are completely unaware of today.

And we say goodbye to a culture that is poisoning us and locking us in states of ill health and disease. We love and honour ourselves and our earth, and we create the reality that reflects this high frequency existence into our world.

The power is within us.

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