The Art and Science of Raising Frequency
Hi there and welcome – my name’s Rachael 🙂

Raising Frequency and the good stuff that comes with it, is my huge passion.

Anything to do with making avoidable suffering obsolete, transformational shifts and deleting limiting programs?
Raising my frequency completely transformed me, inside and out.
I began measuring my frequency (my brainwaves) in 2020, and I observed myself drastically change as a result.

It’s been utterly fascinating to deactivate low frequency qualities I was literally plagued with – and to activate powerful and bloody beautiful abilities in their place.
Raising (or lowering) our frequency switches abilities and personality traits on and off like a light switch.

To give you an idea of how massive this transformation was, let me tell you about the first version of me.

Up until 42 years of age (2017), I was stuck in cycles of self-sabotage and suffering. Really shitty ones. I couldn’t get out.

I’m diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (due to developmental trauma). The ‘trauma’ came from a dysfunctional childhood being born and raised in a cult. For 15 years I was programmed, disciplined and controlled in a way that screwed me up for four decades, and being the rebellious black sheep that I am, I copped it. I don’t blame my Mum or Step Dad at all anymore (which definitely wasn’t always the case) – these days I understand they simply passed down trauma they’d both inherited…hand-balling generational trauma down the line, Earth-style…
At 15 I left home, was disowned, and fell straight into a life of addiction.
As a highly sensitive person riddled with emotional dysfunction, I needed to self-medicate as much as I needed water and air. It was my survival mechanism – I’d never known any other way to live. For around 10 years it was just alcohol and weed, but I didn’t drink like ‘normal’ people. I drank to get blackout drunk. I drank cheap red wine, straight from the bottle and I was ripping bongs from morning til night. Even when I was sick, I couldn’t stop.

In my mid-20s my addictions grew, and I also developed a heavy meth addiction and an increasingly strong gambling addiction. I’m also diagnosed with ‘Substance Abuse Disorder’ and ‘Gambling Affected Disorder’ (on a background of PTSD), all of which are linked.
Community Announcement:
Weed ain’t the gateway drug.
Trauma is.
There’s no room here to list the thousands of life moments that ensued in the decades that followed, but they encompass events that were really scary, shameful, self-harming, hurtful to others, criminal, dangerous, lonely, dysfunctional and downright dodgy. I’ve written about my battles with addiction over on my other website Light in my Shadow if you’re curious to read more.

Maybe I would have stayed on that path forever, I really don’t know. But in 2014 I lost my Dad to suicide, and this event triggered a new path for me. Over the next two years my addictions grew into monsters so big, that it culminated in a slide to rock bottom where I lost everything: My health, my wellbeing, my social life, my friends, my sharehouse, my dog, two community gardens (my dream that I’d created), my reputation, my sanity – ALL OF IT, GONE.
And then I entered the void.
Rock bottom was the darkest time of my life (and I’ve been around). The only things that got me through, was my sister giving me a place to live and supporting me no matter what, and my nephew who was three. He didn’t care what I’d done. He never asked why I was living in his toy room. He burst into my room every morning full of energy, bringing his lifeforce in with him, to share with me. One day I’ll tell him how vitally important this was to me.

One afternoon in 2017 – around year into my rock bottom – I sat down on the floor and I drew. I taught myself to draw in a very particular way that pressed ‘pause’ on my thoughts and subconscious programs (which had me stuck in low frequency).
Gradually I dissolved my damaging (and common) programs, one by one. I did it by shifting the way my brain functions and raising my frequency – and by doing so, expanding my consciousness.
In 2019 I had a feeling I was raising my gamma brainwaves.
In 2020 I brought an EEG and I learned I was right.
Since May 2020 I’ve been recording my brainwaves while I practice. I watch my frequency rise, and I observe and document how I change – from my thoughts, my emotions, my behaviours, my actions, all the way through to my diet and the expanding level of consciousness that I can perceive. I’ve written about 50 life-altering benefits that I experienced here.

Later on, I became aware that EVERYTHING affects our frequency – which is what my website here is about: How to raise frequency yourself, and what happens when you do. I don’t claim to know anything other than what I’ve personally experienced, but at this point, I know enough about what’s going on (and I’ve got a lot more to learn!). I experiment on myself constantly – I live and breathe this work. There is a method to dissolving suffering, which can be tested, replicated and it works.
Today, I don’t have any active addictions.
I’ve deactivated my decades-old PTSD, I’ve stopped hurting myself, I’ve stopped hurting others and I’m no longer trapped in cycles of endless suffering.

And I’ve activated a multifaceted version of me that exists differently.
If my past wasn’t exactly the way it was, you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I’d still be running from my pain, with addiction having total control over me and manifesting wreckage. I’d be still stuck in survival mode with no awareness that life could be any different.

So I’m grateful for every second of my past. But I’m really bloody grateful it’s behind me.
It never ceases to amaze me that there were two of me. One physical body. Two very different expressions of self. We really can create new versions of ourselves.

Old me – 5 years back – was a really nice person, but she was so fucked up it was beyond belief.

Meth addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction – for decades.

She stole everything she could get her hands on because she never had any money. She spent it all on her addictions.

She wanted love so BADLY, because chunks of Love were missing from herself. But she couldn’t have it. She had an emotional meltdown every time her old rejection wounds were triggered. The unhealed child remembered and lashed out viciously in fear.


Addiction led her all the way to rock bottom. She carved out the path that led there, but she wasn’t even aware of it. Fate, we think. But it’s not. We create it from our shadows. Unconscious creation. Jung was right.

Version Two: She crawled to meet her demons in the depths of hell. You sink or swim down there. Slowly she learned to swim in black waters.

Gradually, she brought her demons home. Back into her wholeness. She transmuted them back to light. Back into Love. Like they used to be long ago, before she rejected parts of herself that were in pain.

Finding your missing parts is the BEST kind of treasure hunt. It’s fucking hard. But the treasure? WHOLE COMPLETE YOU? FREEDOM?

Version two, this me. She got trained in the dark. She learned how to delete programs. She learned how to consciously create new programs – from nothing but intention and action. She learned that magic, is indeed real.

She learned how to raise her frequency, then HOLD the frequency of LOVE.

Now the shadows are gone and night became day.

Now she exists to serve: LOVE, LIGHT, FREEDOM.
We all have a part to play.
This is my part.
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