The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Actions that Raise and Lower Frequency

The BIG List…
This isn’t just any old list: These are the keys.

This is a list of actions that raise and lower frequency for me. It may not be the same for you.
No one gets to tell you what your high vibe and low vibe actions are – it’s your choice to make – through awareness, YOU decide.
Many actions on this list will lower frequency for all of us – like the big guy FEAR, and his low freq gang of shame, regret, guilt, worry and anger (the ragey kind, that isn’t used as fuel to create transformational shifts).

Some actions will be unique to the individual – based on their particular beliefs, programs, history and experience with certain things.
For example, drinking red wine with dinner, dabbling with beauty treatments that magically erase my wrinkles, or investing in cryptocurrency is on my NO (hell no) list.

For some people, this is perfectly fine – it depends on your relationship to that thing. For me? It’s not fine. I have an extensive history with addiction, and dabbling in these actions is a terrible choice for me. I’ve tried it. It gets its hooks in all the wrong places.
As you walk through your journey of self-awareness, you will get to know what your keys are.
Before we become aware, we don’t know how things affect us. We learn by trying them out.

But after awareness? When you become aware there are choices AND energetic consequences, and that you’re responsible for your own energy field?

Now you get to craft your
own game.

YOU create the keys
Artist: @natehill

Your choices are your own.
Choose wisely.

Many actions on this list are weighty subjects in their own right – like grounding (how important it is in relation to raising frequency, and the multitude of ways it can be done), programs of fear, the foods we eat and how we manage our emotions (expression or repression?). I’ll be writing more about these subjects because there’s a lot to say. They also happen to be some of my favorite subjects that have affected my own frequency (BIG time).

I also want to point out that I don’t do many things on the low vibe list anymore. But I sure used to.

For decades I danced with low vibration until I became conscious of my choices and their effect on me (and my loved ones).  Eventually, I learned to close the door on low vibe actions, because they suck bad. It took me a very long time, and that’s perfectly okay – what matters is I got there in the end.
Low vibration actions repeated consistently will sooner or later create a level of discomfort ranging from ‘something feels off’, all the way up to flat-out hell – this can feel like chronic boredom, emptiness, loneliness, anxiety, worry, fear, separation from love and joy, constant self-sabotage, deep suffering and pain. Heaven is oneness, bliss, unity consciousness and Love so off-the-charts it’s hard to comprehend (I don’t mean with a person, I mean with EVERYTHING – it’s your new base state).

Heaven and hell, are states of consciousness.

One is high frequency – and one is low. Your frequency, determines which reality you experience.
Life is a game of frequency, and these are your clues to level up.

Ready to play?

Things that raise and lower frequency for me (in no particular order):

Things That Raise My Frequency

Creating things that excite me. The ‘excitement’ is life force rising.

Spending time in nature and plugging into her frequency (ALL of it: the trees, oceans, looking at the night sky, sunsets, observing flowers, insects, listening to birds).

Witnessing (or reading about) acts of compassion and kindness. This is a huge heart-expander for me. If you’re on Instagram check out @edgarsmission. The way they write about their rescue animals is so bloody beautiful.

Hanging out with animals, giving and receiving love (and patting their bellies when they let me haha).

Acts of self-care and inner work. Showing up and doing it – often when I don’t feel like it.

Spending time on my own. Just me.

Being around like-minded community – giving and receiving energy. (I don’t do this much right now as I’m in a phase of solitude – but this will change in months/years to come. It’s on the list here, because community is a massive key for consciousness expansion).

Sound healing sessions, sound baths and float tanks (I don’t do it nearly as often as I should).

Grounding (there are so many ways to do this and it’s bloody important. The other half, to raising frequency is grounding it down and integrating it).

Being aware that I am creating something from nothing (conscious creation). Using creativity IN ALL the WAYS. There are thousands…

My home environment: My tiny space is full of books, feathers I find, natural light, plants, my art, stones, crystals, herbs and healthy food – it reflects energy back to me because I intentionally created it this way. I’ve created a magical little portal (not even joking).

Connecting with social media accounts that inspire me and deleting all the ones that don’t.

Listening to music, singing (badly) and humming frequencies (which just happens when I’m in a state of love and gratitude).

Juicing random fruits and veg – like ginger, lemons, watermelon, beetroot, apples and mint, and drinking them (outside, or facing the sun when I can).

Laughter, play, being curious and being silly (let your inner child run free). I spend a lot of time being a big kid. Can’t help it.

Accepting what is DONE, and what is outside of my control. Letting it go.

Movement – stretching feels really good for me, as does qi gong/tai chi (mind/spirit/body movements). I need to expand on this BIG TIME but at least I’ve started…

Being creative in the kitchen: Chopping, cooking and eating healthy, chemical-free (where possible), plant-based, whole foods.

Unplugging from my devices (note to self: do more of this).

Keeping order in my physical space. This is a big thing for me now, as it mirrors my inner world.

Being in water. For me, this mostly means walking in salt water at the beach.

Watching documentaries, movies and reading things that inspire me.

Energetic cleansing – in the shower, with smoke (lemon eucalyptus, palo santo), while walking or using my breath – intentionally removing old energies that bind/block and creating space for new).

Drinking spring water.

Connecting with gratitude – this comes most easily to me in nature, during meditation and when checking in with present me (compared to where I was) Holy Moly. Waterworks.

Plant medicines (teas, herbs, edible weeds, cacao, psychedelic tools).

Facing my fears. Seeing fear for what it is (this takes practice) and moving through it.

Rearranging things in my house – (which shifts and refreshes energy big time).

Healthy expression of emotions (such as sadness, anger, grief) – allowing them to flow through me. This takes practice. Especially grief (this massive emotion holds powerful keys to raising frequency).

Keeping strong boundaries (like a mofo). These are literal , life-changing force fields.

Pottering in gardens (growing food, weeding, being in and observing nature).

Resisting impulse. From someone who had no willpower, I find this really empowering.

Trying new things that are good for me and challenging myself.

Learning not to care if people judge me. I’ve come a long way, but I’ve still got some work to do here.

Journaling. A powerful tool for self-awareness and moving emotion through you.

Being consciously single (for this phase in my life), while I prioritise and devote myself to inner work.

Breathwork – I’ve had some powerful experiences with this and will be exploring it more in years to come.

Using words and thought-patterns aligned with positivity.

Burying my fruit and veggie scraps in the earth at my local park (nourishing the earth, rather than putting them in the bin).

Shadow work. Following my triggers and pain into my shadows to brings those parts into my awareness to heal and integrate back into my wholeness. (not easy but it’s SO worth it).

Pushing through discomfort. I know there’s a new version of me on the other side.

Knowing that my actions are in alignment with my values.

Honouring my cycles – my ebbs/flows, introversion/extroversion, work/rest, expansion/contraction, chaos/order – and seeing the same cycles mirrored in nature.

Humility, vulnerability, saying sorry, owning my shit, saying I’m wrong.

Natural smells:  Lemon eucalyptus leaves (crush & inhale) & fragonia essential oil. Jasmine at the beginning of Spring. Red roses. The smell of trees after rain.

Deliberately giving love and acceptance to my body parts that need it. I’m talking wobbly bits, new wrinkles, grey hair, my less-than-straight nose – ALL of it. This is a constant (and very worthwhile) process.

Being aware I’m in conscious creator mode. When I KNOW I’m doing it and making it happen. (wizard-mode)

Things That Lower My Frequency

Getting stuck in fear, regret, worry or guilt. Fear (and its many expressions) is the biggest frequency suppresser there is.

Making small talk for longer than five minutes (unless the other person really needs someone to talk to).

Engaging in gossip, drama, judging people, or being around people who engage in this behaviour.

Too much social media, news, Netflix, TV or movies. Being plugged in for too long.

Focusing on my physical appearance too much, or comparing myself to others. Maybe it’s an extra kilo (or three), more wrinkles than I had yesterday, or any of the 1000 other (beautiful) body changes that happen as you move through the decades.

Forgetting to protect my own energy. I’m highly sensitive and other people’s energy can affect me negatively if I’m not careful. Observe, but don’t absorb.

Not enough alone time. I need a lot of solitude or I can go bananas and lose balance pretty fast.

Chaos, mess or disorder in my home (which reflects my inner world). Short bursts of chaos are useful (they allow you to reorganise to higher levels of order), but any longer than that is detrimental to me.

Seeing or reading about acts of greed, selfishness, hate, violence, cruelty, lack of empathy etc (and emotionally attaching to it, rather than turning it into fuel).

Not trying new things, and staying stuck in my comfort zone (this means I’m unable to grow).

Causing suffering to animals with my purchases (animal products or animal testing). I’m pretty fierce about this cause I love them.

Purchasing things that are not ethically and sustainably sourced (where possible). What am I co-creating with my choices? What am I supporting and agreeing to?

Too much food. No portion control –  it weighs my density down like a stone – I see it on my EEGs and feel it in my body.

Heavy, sugary, starchy, carby floury foods (this has been a massive, evolving journey for me). I used to be a carb queen.

Casual sexual. It ain’t for me (sure wasn’t always the case…).

Reacting emotionally (like a firecracker), rather than choosing my response. This often isn’t easy.

Any potentially addictive activity (social media, food, gaming, drugs, drinking, sex, crypto, smoking, online shopping, beauty treatments). I’m militant about these ‘hooks’ because of my history. Double this vigilance if it’s used as distraction/escapism.

Chemicals in my drinking water. I just don’t want to nourish my body with that shit.

Too much use of my rational mind, and not enough balance with my intuitive side (and vice versa).

Using negative words and thought patterns of negativity.

Eating meat or animal products (ethically sourced may be okay for you – this is your choice). The horror show that is factory farming is never okay.

Pesticides/toxins in my food (I can’t always control this, or afford it or find it – and that’s okay). We can only work with what is within our control.

Being untruthful (there may be a small % of the time this is okay, depending on your intentions).

Watching movies or reading books with unnecessary violence (unless it’s fighting for the good causes, like defending others, or for freedom).

Drinking alcohol (10,000 litres later, I finally get it…)

Too much doing, not enough being.

Holding onto emotions too long (like grief, blame, sadness, remorse, guilt, anger or regret) – a time for grief is healthy. Too long? It’s stuck. This was a huge part of my old addiction issues. Emotion must MOVE or it’ll poison you from the inside out.

Working too much on my website, brainwave/frequency work and social media. I can be a workaholic at times which ends up making both me and my work suffer.

Big pharma (if natural remedies are available).

The inability to accept something that has occurred, or something that is outside of my control. Not letting it go.

Complacency (with anything). Turning a blind eye. Not taking action with something that is wrong in my immediate world.

Letting my boundaries be crossed (with conversation, energetically, with my time, etc). Especially with my family and talking about subjects like religion, and beliefs etc. I use massive boundaries here, if I don’t, things get really awful, really fast.

Not getting enough fresh air or sunlight and forgetting to get out into nature (that busy thing again).

Hopping into bed early, planning to read and an hour later realising I’m still scrolling on my phone.

No physical movement. Being a lazy potato. I’ve got some work to do here…

Having more than one strong coffee a day. I rarely do this anymore, because it ungrounds me for the rest of the day.

Leaving dishes in my sink overnight. This sets up a chaotic start to the next day.

My actions not aligning with my values. This is a big one.

Feeling ‘less than’, or feeling inferior (this was old me’s permanent state of being).

Giving in to impulse. There are minor and major versions of this. Minor (aka not so big a deal) – eating two blueberry muffins. Major might be an alcohol, drug, or gambling relapse – which old me did 100s of times. Emphasis on OLD me. This is far more crushing than a blueberry muffin binge.

Being stuck in a state of depression that doesn’t lift (my rock bottom phase).

Eating junk food and processed foods (for more than a day).

Not making time for meditation, mindful drawing, grounding, nature and all the things that keep me sane.

Trying to help people repeatedly, and not stepping back and allowing people to experience suffering, and work it out for themselves in their own time (which may or may not even happen).

Some of these actions raise my frequency in small shifts, and some raise it in massive shifts – that is, they trigger the high gamma brainwave state – I know because I measure it. I see it on my EEGs. For me, the actions that fling me into the high gamma brainwave state are mindful drawing (mostly when I’m witnessing the act of creation as I’m drawing, AND being aware that I am the creator). Gratitude does it, as does compassion and love. Being plugged into nature is another one of my biggest highs.

This is my list of things that
raise and lower frequency.

What's yours?

Your list may look similar (though not identical) to mine.
The list also keeps changing, as you change.

The most effective way to find out what actions raise and lower frequency for you, is to tune in.
It all starts with observation.
Ask yourself, “How does doing this thing make me feel?”

Observe yourself immediately, and also in the days following. Watch for pattern behaviour. Identify your triggers.
Then little by little, through awareness, focus, and sheer determination, create changes. Do less of those low vibe things, and more of the high vibration actions (this gets easier the more you do it).

Observe, reflect, use your ‘slides backwards’ as determination, fuel and wisdom (there are golden clues in there).
Be kind to yourself. Realign with your best and try again. Watch as the rewards (that you create) begin to trickle, then flow in, because your choices lead to different outcomes. You’re literally carving a ‘future’ path into reality, on a higher timeline.

Everything you do,
will raise or lower your frequency.

Check out The Blueprint to learn how create these changes. Watch these small, separate actions, power up to create monumental change in your world.
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