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Introducing a new category – The Creation Chronicles

I’ve created a new category on a subject that keeps popping into my awareness. It started as a whisper, that’s turned into a constant nudge and that suits me just fine – because it’s one of my all-time favourite subjects.
The subject I’m talking about is conscious creation. That priceless, shiny Master Key of ALL KEYS which most of us don’t even know we’ve got in our pocket.

We can create ourselves.
We can create our world.
As humans, this is our forte.

(Everyone forgets….until we remember…)
This category will be home to a collection of posts, notes and musings, many of which have been channelled during my mindful drawing sessions.
Conscious creation is our superpower. Nothing less.
It’s where we make stuff from thin air, from nothing but our intention and action. I think of this as magic. And yes, we are the magician. We are the creators AND the creation.
This subject comes up often during my mindful drawing sessions, and it’s a state of awareness that often pulls me into the high gamma brainwave state.
During my sessions, I observe as I’m physically creating on paper. I’m watching the miracle of creation unfold from my own hand. Before there was nothing. Now, there is something real, something tangible AND I MADE IT HAPPEN.

When you play around with this awareness consistently, you re-program your brain to remember, that You are a Powerful Creator. Soon, it doesn’t just apply to your mindful drawing sessions – you KEEP this awareness to play with out in the real world.

We are able to make new things out of nothing that completely changes our world.
When I say ‘we are creators’, I’m not talking about just making art.
Let me reel off a few things that we can create anytime we choose.
Sure we can create art, but we can also create new habits. We can create a new way of communicating with our partner – like learning to take time out so we don’t react like an A-Bomb and eventually break up or divorce.

We can create a new way of dealing with our triggers. We can learn to recognise what they are: an invitation to look beneath the trigger and get to the source – because there’s a wound that needs healing there. We can create the wisdom to recognise this shitty trigger is actually a gift.
We can create new ways of looking after ourselves. We can create a new hobby or skill, or a new way of facing our fears and dissolving them into nothing, because that’s what they were in the first place before our mind magnified them into monsters.
We can create new ways of cooking delicious whole foods, by which you can also create a pretty cool ripple effect of not dying from <INSERT RANDOM AVOIDABLE DISEASE> which your unhealthy eating habits will probably eventually create.
You can create a new way of exercising, or collaborating with your neighbour and start up an idea that makes life better – like bulk buying wholefoods, or walking together three times a week for motivation, or turning your nature strips into veggie gardens.

You can create new ways of SAYING NO and reinforcing boundaries that lead to your own empowerment. You can create a new way of solving problems, or better yet – create new ways of preventing them in the first place.
You can create a new way of shopping, where you stop and think about where your purchases are coming from, instead of inadvertently supporting cruel practices like commercial factory farming, or animal testing, because do you really want to co-create a horror show? I don’t.
You can create new ways of being authentic and honest, and embrace the discomfort you might initially feel, til you get the hang of this new high frequency habit. There are many of us doing the exact same thing, being brave and unlearning toxic programs too.

You can create a new way of viewing your scars, grey hair, cellulite and wrinkles as a natural and beautiful part of growing older. You can create new ways of sticking up your middle finger to the toxic media that portrays otherwise. You can create new bravery to UNFOLLOW social media accounts and people in real life who make you feel like crap. You can create a new way of embracing change, knowing it will expand your world, rather than being afraid of the unknown.

See what I mean? EVERY facet of us, and everything around us, has been created. So if we don’t like the way it is, we can create it differently, instead of letting our upbringing, or our societal ‘norms’ create our default programs that are often among the WORST CREATIONS POSSIBLE.
We can take the power back in our own hands, and we can create a better version. And I’d never even make this bold statement unless I knew firsthand it is really possible.
All we need to do is remove all those layers of crappy learned subconscious programs that block us from remembering WHO WE TRULY ARE. We are creator beings. Discard unconscious creation that does not serve us. Get it OFF. And learn to consciously create with intention.
This is what my work is about.

PS No creating change is NOT a piece of cake, but that’d be too easy. The challenge is part of the terrain of The Game. When you know how it works? You’ll walk through fire for the right purpose and sit face to face with ALL your fears. You know your expansion is waiting on the other side. An expansion that YOU CREATE. See? It’s ALL YOU.

Read The Blueprint for more info on how to CREATE CHANGE.

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