The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Christmas 2020

During Christmas 2020, I let my hair down and partied in the Matrix for a few days (well, kind of…).

I had a nice time on the surface, but it lowered my vibration and as a result, I lost some crucial high frequency perks and abilities that I usually have access to.

Oh, and in typical Christmas-style I also stacked on three kilos. Thanks Santa.
Before I break my low-freq adventure down,
it’s important to point out that I CREATED THIS.
It’s not one of my better creations, sure….but how cool is the knowledge that we indeed create our reality with our choices? It’s ALL lessons. As a frequency researcher, I NEED TO DO THIS. I’m the guinea pig in my own experiments.

So let me tell you how it all went down (my frequency that is)…
This Christmas was different than usual.

Instead of spending it here in Melbourne (as I always do), this time we went to Queensland.

‘We’ – being me, my sister, her husband and my nephew. My step mum also came up with my half-sister and her boyfriend, and we met up with my two brothers who live in Queensland. It’s a rarity we’re all together so I was really looking forward to it.

I flew up on the 23rd of December and stayed for six days.

Burleigh Heads in Queensland, is what I’d imagine Miami is like in the US. Totally not my scene.

It’s jam-packed with fit, tanned bodies sucking on green juices, whizzing by on roller blades, electric skateboards and bikes. Everywhere you look people are sunning themselves, showing off legs, bums, muscles, underboobs and tattoos. Lamborghinis rev on the roads screaming “LOOK AT ME!” (I always refuse to look).

Backpackers and families sun themselves on the beach, lovebirds stroll along the shore holding hands and the smell of sunscreen and BBQs wafts through the air. And there are so many dogs – many of them wearing diamante collars and sporting fancy hairdos.

I saw more sleek brown sausage dogs in one week than I’ve seen in my life (on a very important side note: how bloody hilarious are sausage dogs? They’re SO long and SO short, and they kind of waddle with their sweet pup bellies almost reaching the ground).

The main streets of Burleigh are a mishmash of boutique shops, juice bars, sushi bars, booze bars and restaurants.

At night the restaurants and bars come alive and tanned, sweaty bodies squeeze themselves into the vibe. Away from the main area, campervans park at the beach, and people sprawl out on the grass playing guitar, making jewellery, doing yoga and fire-twirling at night (more my scene). And it’s nice.

Personally however, for me, there are FAR too many people.

I’m a lady who needs TONS OF SPACE. I love community – but I’m also a solitary, lone-wolf SPACE QUEEN.

We stayed in a really nice apartment on the beach – 16 vertigo-inducing floors up with a view of the whole Coral Sea on one side, and the city and mountain range on the other (I saved up ages for this). I bunked in a room with my nine-year-old nephew and slept to the sound of crashing waves at night.

By all accounts, on the surface, it was paradise.

3-2-1 Dive.

In those six days, I holidayed like it was Christmas 2020. I got FULLY sucked into festive season. I drank 12 dark beers (a rarity for me) and I ate SO MUCH vegan food, because I was in vegan heaven – but it was junk food – and screw portion control, I ate like Santa AND all his reindeers.

I was stuffing my face with all the vegan goodies I could find – in 6 days I ate two large gourmet wood-fired pizzas with vegan mozzarella, potato, fresh rosemary, vegan sausage and dusty floured pizza base crusts (and it tasted as good as it sounds).

I ate rich, dark chocolate vegan ice cream and balanced out my palate with zingy lemon sorbet. I had delicious chocolate and raspberry brownies, I ate black rice and smoky cashew cream tortilla wraps, burgers, fries, chocolate mud cake, chips – all of it fucking delicious.

But I was so full. Constantly. Ergh. Clearly I party hard with vegan food these days.

And the quantities weighed my frequency down like an anchor (I’ve tested this out numerous times now on my EEGs).

The more you raise your frequency, the lighter you eat to facilitate the ascension – you also crave lighter foods. If you eat massive portions – especially of heavy foods (hello there carbs) – the more it weighs you down. You feel heavy, and you ARE heavy. And the ‘density’ weighs your frequency down.

But the reason my frequency dropped went further than food (of course). It was my routine.

I had no chunks of alone time (which is how I recharge and connect with my inner world). I had a bit of time here and there, but I didn’t use it in a high frequency way – I did PLUGGED IN STUFF – I sat on the balcony, scrolled on my phone, ate leftover brownies and drank coffee.

I didn’t meditate, I didn’t mindfully draw, I didn’t read. I didn’t sit quietly and ground myself, I didn’t walk in nature. I went for a few beach walks – but there were hundreds of other people on the beach, there was no peace – and I just could not plug in. I constantly engaged in social family talk and I wore the mask of having fun at Christmas. And I did have fun. But I didn’t do my inner work.

Now, clearly I didn’t party like the old days haha (I was in bed by 9 every night) – and I know all this sounds quite tame, and ‘Christmas-normal’ – but it’s NOT normal for me anymore.

I did too many things that lowered my frequency – and I did NONE of the things that raise it (all in the name of research of course….) And I engaged in this behaviour for a prolonged amount of time (over a week).

And as a result, I temporarily lost some high frequency abilities that I’m used to being connected with at home.

Burleigh Beach is a glittering diamond compared to my sweet, humble and waveless Port Phillip Bay at home in Melbourne. It has expansive white sands (that squeaks!), it’s got crashing waves, warm water and a shoreline that goes on forever. It’s everything paradise is expected to be – yet I just couldn’t connect to it. I only saw it with my eyes. I couldn’t plug in like I usually can. It felt empty. It felt duller, and greyer than the world I’m used to.

I was missing my intimate connection to source energy, and the blissful state that comes from being plugged into it.

When you’re plugged in to source energy – or unity consciousness – you ARE that which you are looking it. And it is you. You cannot find the edges of where it begins and you end. You become ONE with nature.

It’s blissful and deeply gratitude-inducing. And to top it off, you know that the amazing beauty you are perceiving, is a reflection of you. It is you. It never fails to blow my mind (which induces deep gratitude = rising gamma brainwaves = frequency rising = heightened sensory perception = more gratitude = now you’re stuck in a loop of unbeatable mind-blowing awesome). Yes thanks, I’ll have that.

This ONENESS, is a benefit of existing in a high frequency state of being.

Through my actions, and through being busy, I temporarily lost my ability to perceive it. I also lost the immense gratitude and overwhelming love that comes from being plugged into source energy. I lost connection to my higher self and my intuition – I couldn’t hear it at all.

I lost my high frequency state of being, and I came down a few notches. See how I created it?

I’ve been home for a few days now. It’s the 2nd of January 2021. It’s two days into 2021 and my socialising is done for the year. I’m back on the high frequency train for 2021 toot toot (and working off this Christmas belly!).

I’m more aware of the delicacy of my frequency than I was before I left. I’m more aware that everything indeed raises or lowers my frequency: Types of food. Quantities of foods. All my actions. Balance and self-awareness is required to continually realign with what I wish to create.

I also did a mindful drawing session this morning. The first one since I’ve been back, and the session itself was great. But upon checking my EEG – just as I expected – my baseline frequency had dropped. I’m starting from a lower point now. Because I CREATED IT.

As a researcher, it’s important I know this. As a human, I am again presented with choices. How do I holiday then? How do I fulfill my social requirements at Christmas next year?

It’s bloody easy on my own.

When I go away by myself, my holidays are witchy, zen, shamanic, spiritual, nature and magic-filled – I did this in Ubud. It’s also easy with like-minded community. But on those rare occasions like Christmas? I’m going to have to work that out…

I also did this beer/constant socialising/way too much food/no inner work thing back in November – when I went away to Bright for the 6th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. This also dropped my frequency like a stone (I wrote about this extensively in my Frequency Journal).

So this is the second time I’ve done it, felt the effects and seen it confirmed on my EEGs. (I love my frequency-research work so much haha!)

As we become more aware, our responsibility increases to make the right choices that align with who we want to become.

It’s up to me to make my choices, no one else. I’m responsible for my own energy field. I’m the wizard of my world.

From here, I’ll keep on climbing the frequency ladder, with more direct experience up my sleeve regarding what raises and lowers my frequency. Direct experience is how I prefer to learn – it’s the best teacher.

So there we go. On a side note, I can’t remember the last time I’d seen my real brother, so it was lovely all of us being together at Christmas for a change. Dad would have been happy. A memory of a lifetime.

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