The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Short Ted Talk on frequency & how to create more synchronicity in your life

This lady, Joanna McEwan, is a sweet speaker. Sure she seems a little nervous, but hell I would be too! But she speaks on subjects I personally recognise as truth.

She’s talking about serendipity – what I more commonly refer to as synchronicity – those weird and wonderful ‘coincidences’ that appear in my life on a regular basis.

She talks about being in alignment with higher frequencies, and what we pull into our reality as a result. How we’re actually creating our life experience with our frequency.

On the same token when we function at lower frequencies, we manifest things that we don’t want. You know the ones…self-sabotage. Endless crap. Difficult situations that lock us in suffering.

Resonant frequencies attract and harmonize with each other.

This is basically what my whole website’s about: Tuning our frequency to create the reality that we prefer. The good one. The one full of Love that’s so off the charts it’s beyond words – and not the existence that’s full of suffering.

Two different realities I know very well. Old me was a master at manifesting wreckage and I’m bloody delighted to leave that awful crown behind.

Even when difficult things happen in my life now (like my Mum’s cancer journey), I can see how it is teaching me the exact information I need in order to do my work. Nothing ‘bad’ comes my way anymore that has no profound purpose.

Have a watch if you like – you’ve got nothing to lose except 13 minutes! As always, have an open, curious mind – take what resonates, and leave the rest.

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