The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Images of My Brainwaves and Progress Graphs Over Time.

Welcome to the inside of my brain
On this page I aim to show you what’s happening to my brainwaves as I consciously raise my frequency;
I’ll also tell you what I use to record my brainwaves;
I’ll show you EEG images of my brainwaves (recorded during my mindful drawing sessions) showing high gamma, as well as low gamma (to show the difference);
I’ll talk about artifacts that can mess with (or contaminate) my EEGs;
I’ve posted progress graphs showing the changes in my brainwaves since May 2020 (when I began this project);
And lastly I talk about other factors that affect my frequency (such as emotions, certain foods, actions), as well as where I’m at now.
Before we begin, I feel the need lay it out straight: I don’t know what much of this even means – I’m not sure if many people do. Humanity is standing at the frontier of understanding how brainwave frequency works in relation to consciousness expansion. As a self-taught consciousness researcher, I’m learning as I go. I’m not an academic or neuroscientist, I’m an artist, who records my brainwaves as I create. That’s it.
There’s a lot I don’t know. But I’ll tell you what I do know:

I know how to raise my gamma brainwaves at will, and I know how it affects me. I know how to teach others how to do it too.

At this point, that’s good enough for me. Someone else can bring more puzzle pieces to this big round table.
This work is simply my hobby and enormous passion which has completely transformed my life. If you know my story, the effect of raising my frequency has NOT been subtle. It’s been bloody massive.

The observations in this section are all based on my personal experience.

I’m not saying ‘THIS IS HOW IT IS FOR EVERYONE’. I am saying this is my experience. This is my truth. And these are MY BELIEFS – at this point in time.

I hope you find the frequency game as fascinating as I do.


What I use to measure my brainwaves

I use the Muse 2 to record my brainwaves, and I extract the raw data using Mind Monitor. The Muse 2 only has 4 electrodes – it’s a baby, compared to more sophisticated (and expensive) EEGs. I’m aware that some researchers might snigger at the concept of portable EEGs – I get it. But it’s all that many researchers like myself can access. It’s far from perfect, but in saying that, it’s accurate enough that NASA, MIT, Harvard, The Mayo Clinic and many other highly-regarded research institutions use Muse.

Dr Olav Krigolsen, a professor and researcher at The University of Victoria, has written a research paper which compares Muse to a gold standard EEG that costs over $100,000, and the results were comparatively the same (though far less detailed obviously). You can check out an interview with Dr Krigolsen explaining his findings here.

I dream of the day I can get my hands on some serious EEG equipment along with the expertise of someone who can interpret it for me. But for now? I use what is available to me.


In my nerd-zone.

I record my brainwaves during my practice of mindful drawing. I practice this regularly, in a disciplined, very precise way. The way I practice is more about reprogramming my brain, rather than the drawing itself. I just use the highly effective vehicle of conscious creativity to accomplish this. I’ve devoted an entire website to this technique, how it works, and why – as well as instructions on how to do it yourself. My personal story of transformation is woven in there also. Head over and take a look if you’d like to read more about this practice.

EEGs of My Brainwaves While Mindful Drawing

Below are some EEG images of different parts of my brain. I’ve included examples of LOW gamma, as well as a HIGH gamma sessions to show the difference. These graphs commenced two and half years into my consistent mindful drawing practice (1000+ hours). I wish I could see my graphs from Day 1, but I can’t. I wasn’t recording my brainwaves back then.

At some point I intend to conduct a study on a group of volunteers so I can observe the changes in other people’s brainwaves and behaviour, from Day 1.

TP9 - Temporal Left Side (above my ear)

The first image is an example of low gamma (the orange line), the second image is of high gamma.

TP10 - Temporal Right Side (above my ear)

The first image is of low gamma, and the second image is high gamma.

AF7 - Left Frontal Lobe

First image is low gamma, second image is high.

AF8 - Right Frontal Lobe

I actually can’t pull up high gamma in this part of my brain very often…(I never used to be able to budge it at all). I talk about this more a little further down the page.

Artifacts that can show on an EEG as a rise in gamma waves (false gamma)

Gamma brainwave readings on an EEG can be contaminated by facial movements, like muscle tension, blinking, involuntary and voluntary eye movements, yawning – ALL these things will affect the results of your EEG.
You can create ‘false gamma’ by tensing muscles in your face really hard. This however reflects on multiple sensors of your EEG simultaneously. I only have high gamma in one area of my brain at any one time.
Regarding artifacts caused by blinking, eye movements and visual processing:
Yes my eyes are open and I’m blinking very lightly, once every few minutes. I’m also very conscious not to move my eyes much. But the reason I know my gamma elevations are not attributed to eye movements or visual processing, is because of this: Yes these things occur. But they occur in every single mindful drawing session.

I have some very high gamma sessions, but I also have sessions with very low, flat gamma. I’m doing the same thing physically in every session – but the results are vastly different. It also does not explain how my gamma brainwaves are gradually rising over time, nor does it explain the changes that are occurring within me, in synchrony as my frequency rises.
The high gamma is occurring due to something happening inside my brain. It’s occurring due to focus/attention (which ‘pauses’ my thoughts, and through repetition can dissolve subconscious programs and beliefs that lock us into lower frequencies). High gamma also has a very strong link to our emotions and feelings of love, compassion and gratitude. These feelings can create an instantaneous surge of gamma brainwaves. I’ve played with this a lot and will be writing more about it. I’ve also written a short post on how I record the cleanest EEGs I can and the parameters I use when doing so, here.

Progress Graphs of my Mindful Drawing Sessions -
from May 2020

Before we get to the graphs, I want to point out that raising frequency over time is not a fast process (excluding my left frontal lobe…). It used to disappoint me a little – I wanted it to be faster. But the more I practiced, the more I came to understand that this is serious business. The brain and nervous system needs time to integrate and adjust to frequency increases. I can feel it when my frequency climbs too fast, or hasn’t been ‘grounded’ or integrated. It’s not comfortable, it’s not wise nor safe. So I have complete respect for gradual shifts these days.
Raising frequency isn’t a race.
It’s a long-game journey.
The graph below is the average of the four sensors. You can see the gradual increase in gamma brainwaves – the brown line  – (as well as beta, and to a lesser degree alpha). My average gamma brainwaves have risen a little over 10 microvolts (the unit of measurement used in Mind Monitor) since I began recording. Will this trajectory continue over the next few years? I think so – but honestly, I don’t know. As long as I keep working out in the frequency gym on a consistent basis, and continue to create the actions that align with raising frequency (easier said than done), my frequency should gradually keep rising. There’s only one way to find out.
My left frontal lobe (below) currently has the most activity. It took off fast in May 2021, which coincided with an emotionally challenging event in my world. This new level of feeling cracked open a new level of expansion.

Interestingly, the increase in gamma brainwaves also occurred in lock-step with my intuitive abilities and connection to my higher-self being turned right up (note: higher-self is ALL ME – just experienced through a higher-dimensional lens).

High gamma in this sensor is also seen when I slip into the ‘high gamma brainwave state‘ during my session – which is a higher state of consciousness that’s somewhere else. Certain factors are required to trigger this altered state which I talk about here.
My sweet right frontal lobe haha. Not a lot was going on here for quite a long time. This began to change from the beginning of 2021. It’s mirroring my left frontal lobe – but to a lesser degree. I have a gut feeling that raising gamma here will correlate to an amplification of ‘multidimensional’ awareness, ‘channeling’ and intuitive abilities that I activated when I began raising gamma in my left frontal lobe.
Both my temporal sensors have sightly decreased as my frontal lobes increase. I write about my theory why, below.
Gamma in my right temporal region was quite active in the first few months. I clearly noticed that certain emotions and feelings (love, gratitude and compassion) would rapidly pull up gamma brainwaves in this sensor, at the exact time I feel it in my heart space (I’d write the time stamp on my hand). This emotional surge of gamma has never once reflected in the AF sensors – only the TPs.

I ended up training myself out of deep emotion (and these gamma surges) during my EEG sessions because I had to. When my heart expands with love, joy, gratitude or compassion, it’s so powerful it often makes me teary. I blink repeatedly, my vision gets blurry and I can’t see what I’m drawing. I have to wipe tears away and all of this movement basically wrecks my session. Four out of five sessions I just couldn’t use, so I trained myself out of it. I still experience these very powerful states of deep love, compassion, gratitude out in nature or during sitting meditation, I just don’t do it while recording my brainwaves anymore.
This images clearly shows my left hemisphere is ‘catching up’ to my right hemisphere (below) – they’re balancing.
As you can see, there is much less of an increase in gamma activity in my right hemisphere – yet when I began these graphs, I started out with noticeably higher gamma to begin with. You can see in these images my two hemispheres have balanced.

Does the fact that I started out with far higher gamma on my right side, correlate to the fact that I am an extremely ‘right-brained’ person? I am highly creative, intuitive, emotional, sensitive, abstract-inclined and able to see the WHOLE picture much easier than its parts.

Recently however, I am observing my ‘left brain’ qualities (rationality, logic, linear thinking, mathematics, etc) gradually increasing in sync with gamma rising in this part of my brain. I know there’s some conjecture whether left brain/right brain is actually a myth or not – and I have my own theories – but this page really isn’t the best place to discuss it…TBC…
There wasn’t a lot of frontal lobe activity during the first few months. As I mentioned earlier, in 2021 this began to change.
I don’t have much to say about my TPs that I haven’t already mentioned earlier. Emotion, emotion, emotion shows here – which I’ve ‘untrained’ myself to freely feel during my sessions. Also oddly, too many dense foods like carbs appears to reflect here. Carbs: The great battle… I talk about these ‘heavy’ foods further below.

Raising frequency is often not straightforward. Every session I record is not simply higher frequency than the last. Out of say, 10 sessions – 6 or 7 will result in high gamma – even if you’re doing all the ‘right’ things and it feels high. The others won’t –with no clear reason why.

Factors that can raise gamma brainwaves one day, repeated the next day may not. There are many factors I cannot see, or control (like EMF interference, hormonal cycles, even planetary influences perhaps), and there are things that are beyond my current states of awareness.

When you zoom in and scrutinize every session, looking for repeated examples of cause and effect sometimes you won’t find it (and it can be a little frustrating!). But zoom out. NOW view your progress. Now you can see you’re definitely doing it. It’s just not always straightforward, predictable or linear.

A Few More Random and Relevant Points...

How I've changed personally, throughout this frequency-raising process:

As I’m consciously raising my gamma brainwaves, the changes in me as a person have been bloody enormous. I’ve written about 50 benefits here.
As I’m raising my frequency, I am changing – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

It’s a complete and drastic upgrade to where I was a few years ago.

Do I still record my brainwaves? How often?

I do. I still record my brainwaves around once a week (sometimes more, sometimes less). I’d love to record more but I can’t right now as the sessions themselves are very time-consuming. It takes the better part of a day to record one session, pre-prepare my drawing, upload the EEG data into two spreadsheets (one for the progress graph). I also journal about it, then edit this rough auto-type, add the EEG sensor images and all the data points to my Frequency Journal. It’s pretty intense. I also need to prioritise grounding and integration time, as well as creating content for my two websites, two YouTube channels and social media. It’s a lot. When I have some extra wiggle room, I’ll record more.

How many Muse headsets do I use?

I’m up to my 5th I think. I’ve used a number of Muse headsets over the years – sometimes to double check accuracy. One had a fault when I purchased it. Some have stopped working (around a year in), but overall the results from different headsets is consistent – as it should be. If you buy one, I highly recommend purchasing direct from Muse, as it’s covered by a one year warranty (I found this out the hard way).

Can I teach others how to replicate this experiment?

Yes I can. At some point I’ll create a tutorial on how to replicate this experiment for anyone who wants to try it at home. This will be quite time-consuming for me to do properly, and I have a massive to-do list before I get there….but it’ll happen. I’m really looking forward to this part.

Where can I see the latest progress graphs?

I aim to update the most recent progress graphs here on my website every few months (if I get time, I’ll do this more frequently).

My beta brainwaves are going up along with my gamma brainwaves

On these graphs you can also see my beta brainwaves rise in synchrony with gamma, but I want to point out it’s not ‘high-beta’ associated with anxiety, stress or over-thinking. Yes my mind IS highly active – but it’s lit up with layers of awareness. There are no linear streams of conscious thought. There’s no monkey mind, never anxiety. These ‘data downloads’ of awareness and insight can take ages to type out after my session, they’re that packed with information.

ALL my actions and emotions affect my frequency

It ALL Matters.

At this point in my life, I'm aware that raising my frequency isn't just about the drawing anymore. It's about EVERYTHING.
In the beginning raising frequency seemed simple. I just practiced mindful drawing, and I got my result.

Over time, it became more complex.

As my consciousness expanded – I became aware of far more. As I became aware of more, my responsibility in regards to my actions, emotions, thoughts and behaviours became greater. Now, I need to manage my energy (that is, ALL MY CHOICES) to a high degree. If I don’t, I see it reflect on my graphs.
Before awareness you can do whatever you want. You simply have no awareness in how your choices affect you. After awareness? Well now you’re in charge. Now you’re responsible. Now you’re the one consciously creating yourself through managing your choices. You’re the one creating your frequency shifts and expanding your reality. Now? Life gets far more interesting.

Fear, food (and possibly even the full moon)

I’ve had several experiences with fear, blame and anger, and I see these low-frequency emotions smash my readings (they drop like a stone).
Emotions are one of our BIGGEST KEYS to raising (and lowering) frequency.

Eating 'heavy/dense foods' like carbs and starches weighs my frequency down

I’ve tested this out so many times I’ve lost count. If there’s a heavy feeling in my body from too many carbs eaten over too many days? This ‘density’ appears to weigh my frequency down. I see it reflect in low gamma in my brainwaves.

Much of the (so-called) ‘food’ on this planet is actually blocking us from raising frequency (and making us sick). I’m really passionate about delicious, nutritious and creative plant-based cooking – and the whole subject of high frequency foods in general, which I’ll be writing more about soon.

The full moon appears to result in low gamma readings as does my menstrual cycle

I’ve since found articles online to support my own observations of low gamma during menstrual cycles (which is strange to me because I feel high frequency). I’ve also noticed that low gamma often occurs during full moons (which is also strange…). Is this just a coincidence? I don’t know. I’ve seen this pattern enough times however to make me strongly wonder. If the moon can affect the tides of the Earth then who knows? I plan to play around with all this in future – I have so many questions. But for now, I have a pressing list of things on my to-do list, and first things must come first.

Short Summary:

Love Raises Frequency
Fear Suppresses It
This is your game.
THIS, is how I choose to play my game of life. I want to level up as far as I can go, for no other reason than LOVE and FREEDOM. That’s what high frequency is:
Love, Unity, Compassion and Freedom.
Mind-blowing levels of it in the purest form.

I know all about programs of control and darkness – I was enslaved by it for over 40 years. I value Love and Freedom more than anything in the world. It has opened up heaven in my world and I’m going all the way in. I’ll be shining my light as best as I can, every step of the way.
The real revolution
Is the evolution of consciousness.
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