The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

The Gamma Brainwave State - A Key to Raising our Frequency

When people refer to ‘raising frequency’ or ‘raising vibration’, they’re talking about raising gamma brainwaves.

It’s the same thing.
I write a lot about the high frequency gamma brainwave state, and what I write about, comes from my own direct experience.
I’m not a neuroscientist, so I don’t write from an academic perspective. I’m just a girl with a blog who happened to notice through a series of synchronistic events that I can intentionally raise my gamma brainwaves, and the profound consciousness-expanding things that happened when I did.
I’ve written extensively about 50 life-altering benefits that I activated by tapping into the high gamma brainwave state. I also have examples of my own EEGs showing how my disciplined practice of mindful drawing raises my gamma brainwaves.

Gamma brainwaves are the mysterious black hole and the Holy Grail of consciousness – we don’t know much about them yet. I’m just here holding some pieces of the puzzle. They’re key pieces, and I have enough of them to tell me something profound is going on.
The gamma brainwave state is a key to raising our frequency.
Raising our frequency expands our consciousness.
When we expand our consciousness, we activate a different set of lasting traits.
Traits that resolve the crisis of consciousness that we’re experiencing on Earth.

Characteristics of the high frequency gamma brainwave state

So what happens when you raise your frequency by tapping into the gamma brainwave state?

I have my own experience which I talk about all throughout my websites, and I’ve also collected snippets of what other people say about the high gamma brainwave state. I’ve found these nuggets everywhere from medical journals, documentaries, neuroscientists, meditators and researchers just like me.
There’s a pattern going on as clear as day.
What occurs in the high gamma brainwave state are things considered to be ‘super’.

Super performance. Superconscious. Superhuman. Supernatural.

I vouch for this because I’m experiencing it.
We all have the ability to tap into this expanded state of consciousness.

The keys to the full potential of humanity exist within the high frequency gamma brainwave state.

What we can activate by tapping into the high gamma brainwave state:

  • Feelings of bliss and blessings – reported by meditators, monks, nuns (and me…);
  • Peak performance, flow state, or ‘in the zone’;
  • Rapid neuroplasticity and neurogenesis;
  • Connection with unity consciousness and oneness (this has been my most profound activation);
  • Advanced problem-solving abilities;
  • Increased happiness, calm and peace. A base state of gratitude;
  • High IQ, genius traits;
  • Increased empathy and compassion;
  • Associated with life-force rising;
  • A timeless state (a state of consciousness that exists outside the realms of third-dimensional time);
  • Links information from all parts of the brain;
  • Rapid memory recall;
  • Psychic abilities and out-of-body experiences (OBEs);
  • Natural antidepressant;
  • Increased sensory perception, resulting in a richer experience of reality;
  • Communication with energies in other realms of consciousness (higher self, ‘God’ consciousness);
  • Increased spiritual intelligence. The lights are literally being ‘turned on’;
  • Ability to tune in to the FULL spectrum of awareness, from highest to lowest frequencies;
  • Ability to draw information through the subconscious, higher conscious, superconscious and tap into ‘The Field’ itself;
  • Channeling abilities (via writing, speech, feeling, thought, creativity);
  • Amplification of intuition;
  • Shadow-self integration;
  • Dissolves subconscious programs which are self-sabotaging and/or limiting (these programs lock you in low frequency);
  • Childlike curiosity, wonder and play, combined with old soul, deeply wise qualities;
  • Transcendent, ‘spiritual’ qualities. Mystical states of awareness;
  • Ability to view challenging circumstances from the higher self, big picture perspective.
When you tap into the truth that we have access to ALL THIS, life begins to get very interesting.
I talk about the activations that I experienced, over on my benefits page.
All these benefits are available for you too. You just need to switch them on.

Raising your frequency must be climbed like a ladder

Altering your entire physical, mental and spiritual self is serious business.

The safe and comfortable way to raise your frequency, is to climb/integrate, climb/integrate, climb/integrate.

In practical terms, this is raising frequency + grounding.
If you ascend the ‘frequency ladder’ too fast, the mind and nervous system aren’t able to integrate the increases in frequency comfortably. If you don’t integrate your frequency shifts, you’ll feel it. I know because I’ve done it – countless times.

When you climb/integrate, climb/integrate, the nervous system is able to adjust to the increases in frequency, and the ladder can be climbed comfortably and safely.
There’s a new reality over that wall.

How to get into the high gamma brainwave state

There are many ways to raise your gamma brainwaves. You can raise your frequency gradually by consistently engaging in activities that facilitate this expansion, or you can fling yourself into a high frequency gamma brainwave ‘altered state‘.

If you’re serious about ‘working out in the frequency gym’, my strong opinion is you’d want to be doing a mixture of both: Consistent gradual climbing, as well as regularly tapping into the high gamma brainwave state for shorts bursts also.

Meditators often tap into the gamma brainwave state, as do martial artists, dancers, singers, gardeners, musicians, artists, athletes, animal carers – anyone who is in a ‘focused zone’, and engaged in something they have a strong passion for, on a consistent basis.
One of the actions that raises frequency the most, is creating things that excite us.

Factors that trigger the high gamma brainwave state include the following:

  • Engaging in something that makes you feel ‘alive’ (life force/vitality/chi/prana rising). (If you find it hard to tap into these feelings, it comes back, I promise. Just keep doing the work);
  • Focus, attention, concentration;
  • An element of challenge: Being comfortable with what you’re doing – but not enough to be bored;
  • Repetition and entrainment – Doing the activity for several minutes (at least) without breaking focus;
  •  No distractions;
  • Absence of thought chatter;
  • Enjoying what you’re doing. Feeling love, compassion, joy or gratitude. Emotion can be a powerful key here.
Tapping into emotion can be hard if you’re in a low place (like I was). All your good feelings are gone.
Many people (often men) have also ‘deactivated’ their emotional/feeling centres. This is not permanent – you can ‘reactivate’ it. In this case, we start by putting the brakes on the thoughts and subconscious programs that SUPPRESS our emotions.

When these suppressing programs are put on pause consistently, guess what’s soon able to filter back in?
Your emotions are powerful keys for accessing higher states of consciousness.

How I discovered the gamma brainwave state

Back in 2017 I hadn’t even heard of gamma brainwaves. Down at rock bottom, I taught myself how to mindfully draw in a very particular way. Soon I began to notice I was having profound shifts.

Often during my intensive mindful drawing sessions, I’d go ‘somewhere else’. When I ‘came back’, I’d somehow obtained another piece of my 20+ year addiction and trauma puzzle from outside the reaches of my conscious mind.

These paradigm shifts began to override my rock-solid subconscious programs, and gradually they began to dissolve. It took me around three years to unlock every benefit that I talk about on my benefits page.

In 2019 I came across an article on gamma brainwaves and it described exactly where I ‘went’ – I recognised it. All these random puzzle pieces of information and experience I’d been collecting throughout my whole life began to form a picture.

In 2020, I brought a Muse 2 and began recording my brainwaves while mindful drawing

For the first time I saw I can indeed raise my gamma brainwaves with the very specific way I practice. Over months of consistent practice, I observed my baseline rise higher over time (just like working out my muscles in a gym). I’ve also learned I can lower my frequency depending on my actions and emotions. When I raise or lower my frequency, I activate or deactivate different sets of traits.

I talk about this more on my EEG page.

Since then I've realised I'm not the only one who knows this...

In 2021, these two videos dropped in my lap. Synchronicity again handing me pieces of the puzzle…Please watch if you have time, they’re just over 3 minutes long. I think I cried haha.
You can indeed ‘feel’ gamma brainwaves in feelings of compassion, gratitude and love. I’ve noticed for a long time that these emotions pull up my gamma like nothing else. I’ll feel it well up in my heart space, and I write the timestamp on my hand, finish my session and check my EEG, and bang right on the timestamp I see my gamma brainwaves surge like a wave.
You don’t need to be a ‘high-level’ or long-term meditator for the benefits to begin to work – I’m proof of that – so please don’t let this put you off starting. The benefits will start when you start, and they keep on rolling in. It also doesn’t matter what age you start – I started this journey in my 40s.
Consciousness expansion really is the most beautiful, exciting and amazing exploration there is….that and maybe space 😉
Can you imagine what the world will look like when we raise our frequency as a species?  Love, unity consciousness, compassion, kindness, creative innovation, freedom, health, longer lifespans and far less suffering?

ALL the things I imagine Heaven on Earth to be.

We are more than able to create this.
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