The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

What happens in the high gamma brainwave state? This is my experience

So what happens in the high gamma brainwave state? A lot and it’s bloody amazing. In this post I’m going to do my best to describe what I experience, when I tap into this higher state of consciousness.
I’ll start by pointing out that what I know about this state of consciousness is evolving over time. The more I activate it, the more I’m able to observe the finer details of what triggers it, as well as what happens when I’m in there.
What I’m about to explain is my direct, personal experience only.
I don’t make observations about what’s going on from a neuroscience level – because I don’t know. I do not have that expertise. (I am pretty keen for qualified neuroscientists to fill in some blanks though…)
As a person who loves mystery, exploring this state of consciousness intrigues me and brings me great joy. It really is the greatest adventure. It’s also key to my personal transformation in regards to my own health (mental, spiritual, emotional and physical), as well as activating a whole slew of traits that I previously did not have access to.

I really believe the high gamma brainwave state is the portal to accessing the most amazing versions of us, which we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet. Man we’ve got some fun times as a species coming up. OK fan girl rant over…

I can clearly feel the high gamma brainwave state when I tap into it during a session.

When I sit down to mindfully draw, the first 10 minutes or so is always spent wrestling my brain to switch out of monkey-mind thinking mode, and to focus and slow down. Then I entrain with the flow.

When I activate the high gamma brainwave state, I’m so engaged in what I’m doing that I lose track of time (which doesn’t happen in every mindful drawing session) and I flow into a ‘zone’ that is clearly a higher state of consciousness.

On my EEGs it looks like this.
In this zone, information comes to me which is of a far ‘higher’ calibre than I can usually access. It literally feels like I’ve tuned the dial to a different radio station.

Information is received in a ‘download’ – it imprints itself on you ALL AT ONCE, in a moment of ‘knowing’, and it’s packed full of information. It does not arrive in a linear stream of thought.

It is in this brainwave state that my most significant solutions come to me.

It’s where my ‘aha’ moments and my biggest answers exist. It’s important to note, you don’t go looking for information. You don’t engage in the thought process in general (remember, you’re focusing on the drawing), it presents itself of its own accord.

And this...

What exists in here is so powerful, it’s capable of creating paradigm shifts that  can alter the trajectory of your life.

It’s in this brainwave state that I’ve had some of my biggest breakthroughs with overriding low frequency subconscious programs that I’d carried around for decades.

What can happen in this brainwave state is nothing short of spectacular.

Information that usually exists outside the reaches of your conscious mind is pulled in from somewhere else – I don’t know where, all I know it’s somewhere I would classify as ‘higher consciousness’. This information is truth. As it’s drawn in through your subconscious mind, it overrides false, prison-programs that are stored there, effectively cancelling them out.

Now, this is no small feat.
Tapping into this brainwave state was my key to healing over 20 years of serious addiction, debilitating childhood trauma, over 20 years of PTSD and really awful emotional dysfunction, as well as clearing grief that was stuck inside me after my dad’s suicide (as well as a whole lot more).
I did not have these answers – if I did I would have fixed my shit before I destroyed my entire life – but some part of my higher consciousness did have these answers. I just couldn’t access them.
All I needed to do, was to ‘change the station’ to be able to receive this different information – information that I instantly recognised to be my truth.
Important note: These paradigm shifts don’t ‘fix’ your issues for you. It won’t magically erase your addictions, bad habits and dysfunctions, but now? Having the truth pulled in? It becomes far easier to reprogram deeply ingrained behaviours because the root cause is GONE. This is a mighty head start. Removing the root cause is the key. The root cause is the program that seeds human behaviours.

And do you wanna know the truth?
You ARE Lovable. You ARE LOVE.
And you always were.

The rest? It’s a lie.
It is nothing but a false program.
Tapping into the high gamma brainwave state doesn’t happen in every mindful drawing EEG session. But it’s happening more and more, and when it does happen? I can feel it. There is no doubt I’m in it. Then I check my EEG and AF7 (most often) shows it.
If I keep working out in the frequency gym, I believe the high gamma brainwave state may eventually become my base (resting) state. I can see the trajectory in my progress graphs. I can feel the shift.
I cannot adequately explain how much joy being in this higher state of consciousness brings. It’s what I aspire to reach during every one of my sessions. BUT if you try hard, that ‘force’ or desperation, lacks the surrender and ease required which will prevent it from happening. I’ve detailed some factors here that can help open up the portal to this higher state of consciousness.
There’s also a ‘not-so-high’ version of this high gamma brainwave state that also presents in AF7.

This state of consciousness doesn’t feel as intense as what I described above. It’s still really beautiful. It feels like joyful ‘spaciousness’, while floating through a cloud of information imprinting itself on me. Again, it’s high level information outside of my usual reach (deep wisdom, knowings, inspiration and ‘aha’ moments) but less of a paradigm shift. Less of a HOLY WOW factor.

In this state, I’m more present in my consciousness, and less ‘somewhere else’.

(This feels like such a clumsy way of wording it, but it’s the only way I can describe it at this point in time…)
In both states, there is a very clear connection to my higher consciousness, or higher self – whatever label you want to stick on it.

I’ll be speaking more about this ‘higher self’ subject in posts to come, because it is one of my areas of great interest. But in a nutshell: your higher self, IS YOU. You’re just tuning the radio station to a channel where you can perceive this ‘higher’ frequency version of you.

And it’s important to remember that my radio station is only being ‘tuned’ because I am tuning it through creating actions that raise my frequency.

I am creating this.
It’s ALL me.
And you can do this too.
We all can.
What I just described can only be seen on my EEGs in AF7 and it’s beginning to crack into AF8 (left and right frontal lobes respectively). The next image is the high gamma brainwaves state in TP10 (right temporal)– and the qualities of this brainwave state are VERY DIFFERENT.

The high gamma that I pull up in TP10 is nothing like what I just described above.

What you see here, is emotion. This is the feeling of love, gratitude or compassion welling up in my heart. I can literally feel it expand in my heart space– I’ve written many times previously how I’ve had to ‘tone this down’ during my sessions as it makes me teary – which I can’t do during my sessions as this kind of blinking will wreck my EEG – but I’ve learnt how to go a small way in and sustain it, without going so far in that my eyes get watery. That’s a weird skill right there.
High gamma in TP10 (and often TP9 but not as much) is not a sustained high like the previous images, it displays as surges, peaks and troughs. What happens is I’ll feel an emotion strongly during my session, and I write the timestamp on my hand, and carry on. Afterward? I can see these gamma surges, on the exact timestamp I feel it well up in my heart. I have played with this SO many times now, and I get the same response every time.

After around a year of playing around with this, I saw these two videos, where neuroscientists Richard Davidson and Daniel Goelman explain that this is indeed a thing. I had no idea of this until recently, and I was blown away to see my theory validated by someone far more qualified than I am.
Although my high gamma appears on certain sensors, I have no idea where in my brain these gamma signals are originating from. They could be coming from anywhere, and bouncing around in my skull for all I know. When I have access to an EEG with more electrodes and someone with the knowledge to interpret it for me, I’ll have a better idea. I’m SO CURIOUS.

The benefits I received from tapping into the high gamma brainwave state.

I’ve written extensively about 50 benefits that I activated from the precise way I practice mindful drawing (which is the main way I access this brainstate), over at Light in my Shadow (my other website).

The only thing I’d add to this list, is it’s activated a constant state of love that is so profound that the definition of love we use on earth does not adequately describe it. Not even close. And my connection to my higher self, is strengthening more and more every day.

Raising our frequency (our gamma brainwaves) is the key to dissolving preventable suffering on earth (like addiction, mental health issues, suicide, poverty, violence, disease and war).

It’s the key to activating next-level traits of an evolved species.

It’s also our birthright. It’s our inherent nature. It is the next step in the evolution of consciousness. And it’s a bloody spectacularly beautiful reality that we all deserve. You can make it happen as soon as you’re ready.

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