The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Two different keys to access the high gamma brainwave state: Entrainment and emotion

The high gamma brainwave state can be accessed many different ways. One way, is through strong feeling and emotion – in particular, heart-expanding love or gratitude.
When I feel emotion expand in my heart during a session, I’ll see an instant surge in gamma brainwaves on my EEG. I see this present in my TP10 sensor (right temporal lobe) and to a lesser degree TP9 (left temporal). This type of high gamma does not reflect in my frontal lobes at all – which is solely where the second way presents.
The second way I know to trigger high gamma brainwaves (for a far longer, more sustained period of time), is through mindful drawing with focus and attention. If I entrain within a state of flow, after around 10 – 15 minutes I’ll often enter a zone – an altered state – which is the high gamma brainwave state.
This is such an important factor that one of the Four Principles of Mindful Drawing is:
Go slow and
get into the flow.
It’s often triggered when I draw one ‘long-draw’ pattern continuously. This unbroken continuity sets up the portal for flow, and your brain and focus is drawn into a ‘zone’. When I feel myself slip into it, I observe the difference in the quality of my consciousness as best I can.
Now, it doesn’t happen every time – which is an intriguing part of the mystery I’m still working through. But there are certain factors that increase the chances of it happening (which I talk about on my gamma brainwave page).
This high gamma brainwave state often occurs when I’m witnessing the act of creation, while being fully aware that I AM CREATING IT.

It also occurs when I’m observing the act of creating on paper, and being aware that the blueprint of ALL OF CREATION, is exactly the same.

The blueprint for all of creation is basically this: creating something from nothing but intention and action.

I write a lot about this. How when I’m drawing, I can often see the WHOLE of creation in a tiny part. This ‘seeing’ wasn’t there in the beginning – it has evolved over time. And when I witness it, it’s so bloody beautiful and awe inspiring, it doesn’t surprise me that it triggers a high gamma brainwave state.

When you trigger this altered state, sometimes it feels dreamy. Sometimes it feels like you’ve gone ‘somewhere else’ and you lose track of time. You may also feel that you’ve switched to a ‘different channel’, or a different state of consciousness that exists outside of your normal, thinking monkey mind.
This is really where I aspire to go when I draw. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s a minor altered state (seen as low – medium gamma brainwaves) sometimes it’s HOLY SHIIIIIT – a profound utter miracle – which will appear on my EEG as very high gamma in AF7, sustained for a long period of time.
This is where I get my biggest ‘aha’ moments. It’s where I get my ‘downloads’ and where I can ‘channel’ information from my higher self. Sometimes you can access straight up GENIUS SOLUTIONS.
It can also override false programs stored in the subconscious in an instant, and you can clear subconscious programs that have been blocking, limiting or damaging you (like the root of trauma/addiction) for 20 years – which happened to me. It can be a complete paradigm-shifting experience.

I don’t have many answers at this point – but I do know this: That it’s an aspect of our higher self pulling in information, or solutions from SOMEWHERE else – perhaps ‘The field’ or a higher dimensional plane – I honestly don’t know – but it brings this information down through our subconscious and conscious minds – where we now have access to it.

It’s high-level information or awareness that generally exists OUTSIDE the reaches of the human mind. We can’t access it until we trigger an altered state such as this – because of the present lower-frequency limitations that exist within human consciousness.
I’m still trying to spot the patterns, and pinpoint clues and factors (there are SO many) as to what activates it and what blocks it – but this is the reason I started my frequency journal. And it’s working. As time goes on, I’m gradually learning more.

During my drawing session today, I didn’t tap into the massive version of this altered state, but I definitely saw it again and I entered the portal. It’s a place full of great beauty and love that exists outside of ‘my normal human self’. It is so bloody divine.
As always, today I can see this high gamma in AF7 (left frontal lobe)  – and to a lesser degree AF8 (right frontal lobe). This type of high gamma is NEVER seen in my temporal sensors (where the emotion version shows). I think this is quite intriguing. I have a feeling this high frequency brainwave could be originating from the Pineal or the Pituitary Gland.

Weirdly, I recently came across this painting in my feature image – Da Vinci’s The Creation of Adam. Look at God in the brain. He’s making contact with Adam right through this spot in the frontal lobe I am talking about. Strange…

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