The Art and Science of Raising Frequency

Raising frequency and expanding consciousness is the Holy Grail of human evolution.

It is the difference between a human race fixed in suffering, and humanity thriving at its highest potential.
It’s the key to co-existing in states of unity and peace that we have not yet experienced in recorded history.
Raising frequency is also key to humanity’s survival.
If we don’t explore this quantum shift fast, our cultural programming dooms us. Our trajectory is dropping into the red zone in all areas of life. We are the frog and the pot is boiling. We are the coal, and we’re being squeezed – hard.

Do we actually become the diamond?
I believe we do.

I wholeheartedly believe we do activate this transformational quantum shift (I’m not alone here).

It actually cannot be stopped.

It is time.

That’s how important this work is.

I’ve dedicated my entire life to this purpose – I live it and breathe it 24/7. I spend hundreds of hours creating this content – from writing posts, recording observations and videos, creating tutorials, recording my brainwaves and entering endless data in spreadsheets – this is my life’s work.

I’ll always try my best to spread the word through my (very new) YouTube channel and my two websites, but I have bigger plans, which have the potential to reach much further than this.

You can help those plans become a reality.

Here’s a list of things I’ll be using donations for:

To support myself: I’m currently on Government Benefits (specifically the Disability Support Pension – my mindful drawing practice is my approved treatment). One day soon I’d like to get off and support myself doing what I love, which is helping others through teaching this work. This means being able to pay my personal expenses including rent, bills, food and fuel.

Website expenses: These are still small right now – but one day soon I hope they’re not small. I hope they’re bloody big whopping expenses, because this means my work is reaching people. I’d also like to outsource the time-consuming admin tasks (like entering my EEG data into spreadsheets), and the back-end tasks of both my websites (including website optimization, regular backups and security).

Equipment: I want to buy decent equipment (including a camera, microphone, lighting and tripod) to record higher quality tutorials and YouTube videos instead of using my phone.

I’d like to buy more Muse EEG headsets, so I can set up a study on a group of volunteers to map their brain changes over the course of a year (or more) of mindful drawing. I only began recording my brainwaves two and a half years into my practice, by which time I’d already significantly raised my frequency. I’m keen to conduct a study on a group of fresh minds, from Day One.

I’d also like to consult with neuroscience experts, who can access far more sophisticated EEG equipment than I’m able to, and have far more knowledge about the brain than I do. I want to know exactly where these signals are coming from in my brain.

I also have a strong desire to create a mindful drawing program for the prison system.
We have FULL potential to create good out of tragic circumstances.
We have the ability to hand people the tools to heal themselves.
This is how we heal our families from passing down generational trauma.
This is how we heal our communities and our world.
I’d also like to make my tutorials accessible in addiction recovery centres, aged care homes, for people suffering from trauma, isolation, mental health damage, for veterans of war and for people stuck in grief and the darkness of suffering – just like I was.
I also have a vision which has become my BIG DREAM (okay, it’s bloody huge…)
Frequency Centres in the UK, USA and Australia – the three Western hotspots of mental health issues, suicide, addiction, violent crime, poverty and preventable illness.
These centres will cost a bomb, but they’ll be worth every cent. They’ll be funded by the people, for the people. I can envision these centres in great detail as if they already exist (because in the ‘future’ I believe that they do).
Frequency Centres will teach people how to raise their frequency through a variety of different activities, and mapping their brainwave/frequency and behavioural changes – exactly as I did on myself.
I know how to raise frequency and vibration.
This is what my work is about.

I know what happens when you do it.
We change. We expand our consciousness.
We heal ourselves, and by doing so, we heal our world.
There are many different ways to raise frequency. Some are slow, and some can fling you into the ‘high frequency gamma brainwave state’ – including the precise way I practice mindful drawing. When practiced consistently, both the fast and slow methods will gradually raise your baseline (seen in my progress graphs here). Gratitude, compassion and certain emotions facilitate rapid expansion, as does avoiding and removing what suppresses your frequency.
And it’s all measurable.

I’m in the process of writing a post describing what Frequency Centres look like in my mind’s eye, so you can see it too. I’ll link to it here when I’ve finished it.

The future of healing

In regards to donations, I believe transparency is paramount.

If you know my story, I’m very open about my old history of serious addiction, mental health damage, trauma and dysfunction. That old version of me and the one writing this post now, are vastly different.

I wholly believe donations and fundraising should be transparent. Transparency to me, is aligned with integrity. When the time comes that I can afford an accountant (or a finance manager), donations received will be documented in a clear and accessible public format, in alignment with integrity and transparency, as it should be.

This vision is mine, but these projects will be collective. They will be ALL OF OURS.

I hope my work serves you in positivity somehow. Maybe now, in hope or inspiration. Maybe down the track, you too will experience the enormous changes that come from raising frequency, like I have with myself.
I really believe that WE the people must take back our power to co-create our future.

Our governments will not do it for us.
We will be the ones to clean up this mess. It will be up to us to dissolve the systems in place that do not have our best interests at heart. When a large number of people begin to function from a higher frequency state of being, the world around us evolves to match our new frequency. Higher frequencies dissolve the suffering that manifests from a state of low vibration – I’m talking about mental health damage, addiction, violence, poverty, broken relationships, suicide, preventable disease and war. Seven of eight which have affected me profoundly.
If this interests you, I invite you to support me to do this work.
By doing so, it becomes your work too.
There are two ways to contribute: a monthly donation, or a one-off amount through Paypal.

There is no suggested amount – contribute whatever you feel is right for you.
You don’t need a PayPal account to donate (card transactions are easily and securely processed).
Donations are in Australian (AUD) dollars, however you can access a simple currency converter here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
And thank you.
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